Professional Sports Wives: The Woman behind the Athlete

Over the past few months, I have spent a fair amount of time researching the wives of professional athletes. I have been taking the time to get to know some of these women who quite literally hold their families together. I have friend them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have held conversations over messaging with them. my best friend's husband is a retired NFL Football Player, so discussed the commitments of the spouses behind professional sports and what life is like for them. I started to see a need, I am able to fill.

Those who know me best, know I am all about service. When you are servicing women, it doesn't matter who her husband is or what he does for a living, she wants to feel like a woman. She wants to know you care about what she cares about. She wants quality over quantity. She values her families time over her own. She wants the best of the best for those she loves. She wants connections that trans ponds this life into the next. I wanted to offer her and her family that. I am a businesswoman, but first an foremost I am woman. I did not see why a professional sports wife or girlfriend should be treated differently than the rest of my clients. I offer them all the best of me, because they deserve it. 

While doing my market research for 2018, as most business owners are doing to prepare for the year ahead, I was saddened there is not more articles of substance the search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The responses in the number one through five positions are:

There is so much more to the professional sports wife than how she looks in a bikini. These women are strong. They have to be to bare the challenges of maintaining a household while their beloved is on the road. It is not an easy life. I think we as a society get caught up in the idea, because someone is in the public eye they are not permitted to receive the same compassion any "regular human being". (seriously I just choked on those words). Yes, their husbands play professional sports and some even have a decent living. But, stop for a moment and think about sacrifices they make daily on their path to the happy and healthy life. The American Dream we all seek and envy when someone else is willing to put in the effort to achieve theirs.

OK, back to the wives and girlfriends. The Wives and Girlfriends of professional athletes alter their entire life schedule around their beau's commitments. Enter Kelly McFarland, wife of a NHL Assistant Coach, Mother and Writer. She would say "Wanna be Writer", but she has my vote for already there. I "met" Kelly on Instagram. When I say "met" I mean it's social media and we had a conversation about her blog after she liked one of my images and started following me.

I read Kelly's article about Kelly Backes, the wife of Boston Bruins Forward, David Backes. Did I mention hockey is my first love? That's another story for a later date.  I was so moved, I messaged Kelly McFarland to request sharing it with all of you. I believe the series she is writing really gets to the heart of what life is like for wives, girlfriends and families of professional sports. It made me want even more to cater to their needs as a portrait photographer. I began asking myself, what can I offer them. What needs can I fill? How can I make them feel a bit of normal when life is nothing but? Thank You Kelly McFarland for sharing this insight with us!

To read Kelly's Article Click Here. I strongly recommend it. No seriously, go now.



I am pretty sure I do not have a complete grasp on the lives these amazing women lead just yet. But, I can tell you they are not just wives of a professional athlete. They are in their own right strong career women, empowered in their own wants and dreams. They are not defined by who they married, but who they are as a individual. I love that. I love getting to know these women and look forward to sharing their stories.

Kristie Montrois