#FerociouslyAuthentic | Robert and Eric

Do you do same-sex boudoir sessions? Why, yes I do.

A few months ago, I was having coffee with a friend.  During the conversation, she told me she knew a couple that has called all over town for a wedding photographer, but were turned down repeatedly. She went on to say she knew I no longer photograph weddings, but would I be willing to photograph this couple's wedding. I asked her why they had been turned down. She replied, "They're a same-sex couple."  I told her, "Of course I will."

I must admit it hurt my heart to think in 2015, people can still be so closed minded. I spent the next few days discussing what I could do with my husband. I knew in my heart I had the ability to reach a community being neglected. In this life I want nothing more than to be authentic in my personal life and in business. I knew what I needed to do. Ironically, there are those in the community who seem so concerned with what goes on inside the #boudoir of a same-sex couple and I was about to take them there, in a manner of speaking anyway.

I decided to put out a casting call and to begin building a same-sex couple portfolio in my genre.  This turned out to be harder than I thought. The responses I received were disingenuous or the models backed out at the last minute. I realized I was going about the process all wrong. I needed something real to work with.  I needed a genuine relationship.

Then, Robert contacted me. He asked if I was still looking for a same-sex couple for my portfolio and would I be willing to photograph him with Eric. He began to tell me a bit about their relationship. In short, I was honored to photograph them.

In many ways I believe this is not only one of the most beautiful experiences I have been apart of in a long time, but the most important.

#LoveisLove !