When the lives of those we serve are so public, offer privacy. Hold integrity and service to the client above all else. Connection is everything in this life and the next.
— Kristie Montrois Portraits Mission Statement

Since 2009, I have concentrated on portraying women and their families  with the intention of capturing their deepest connections. I don't know how many times I have said to a teenager with her mom in the studio, "One day this will be the most important portrait you own of your mother." You have permission to leave your mark and exist in portraits. 

By the time our children are heading off to school, we have a whole new set of priorities we did not believe included feeling beautiful. There is so much more to being a woman than what we allow ourselves. I get to capture who you are and leave a legacy in portraits for you, your children, and grandchildren. 

I provide this service to all women; however, I specialize in serving the wives and families of professional sports. They are the backbone supports for their athletes as they spend a majority of their days away from those they love.

For this reason, we work around their busy season calendars; we often travel to where ever may be, based on their athletes schedule. The service is rolled up into the same packages we offer all our clients without additional fees or agreement stipulations. We have a strict privacy policy in place so as a family, they may have moments of autonomy in their very public lives.

Accomplishments and Publications
2017 Portrait Masters Image Awards -  Bronze Merit
2017 WPPI Second Half Image Awards - Silver Merit
2017 Published in X Sync Magazine (x 4)
2017 Best of Salt Lake City - Photographer
Best of 2016 - Photographer Weddings.com
2015 Runner-Up for RAW Photographer of the Year